What People Say


"Did I tell you that I went to my doctor? He wanted to know what I had been doing because all of my numbers had changed! He reduced my blood pressure meds by half and said that I could cut them out entirely soon! And I feel so much better!"
Melissa, Lexington, Va.


It's been a week and I have lost 5 lbs. I feel great, and remember that I said my knee had been hurting for years? Well, that's gone! I'm telling everybody about you!
Janice, Charlottesville, Va.


I heard about you from ____. I was telling her how fantastic she looked and asked her what in the world she was doing! She said, "Go see Catherine."


I have lost 18 pounds without really trying. I feel like a different person. I am not depressed any more and my daughters are asking me what is going on! I had tried everything. Everything! For years! Everyday I wake up and think my life is getting better and better each day. Thank you!
Carol, Staunton, Va.


Catherine is phenomenal! I really feel like I have finally hit upon some answers and I am so excited!
Susan, Arlington, Va.


I have felt better since I have been coming here than I have in years. After the first visit I began sleeping 8 good hours, not the usually 5 hours combined with waking up constantly.
Laurie, Richmond, Va


The tests were right on (accurate). But it was the emotional reports that really hit the nail on the head. My wife has been pointing out my emotional quirks for years- she's going to be so happy.
Chris, Roanoke, Va.


When left your office the first time I was still processing what I had learned but thought, what the heck, I'll just do it. That's when everything started to change. I feel calm, centered and able to handle things in a way that I never have. I had something happen recently that earlier, would have made me completely lose it. But I cruised right through it instead. My work colleagues are noticing and so is my family.
John, Alexandria, Va.


I feel like a different person now and it's hard to believe that 6 months ago I sat around in a fog, barely able to put two thoughts together - much less plan and organize my life. I had told several people that I felt like I was just waiting to die. Not a good feeling. All my life I have just done what I needed to do myself so these last years have been hard.  I must tell you that last weekend I cooked for whole family, cleaned the house and weed-eated the yard. If I can come this far in 4 months, I can't wait to see what the future holds.
Jean (82 years old) Richmond, Va.


I've cut my reflux med's in half twice and my energy is better. My daughters can't keep up with me.
Louise, Lexington, Va.


I was suspicious that I had contracted Lyme even though the doctors I had seen said that I didn't have it. I am a believer in knowing more information rather than less - so this is good. I am looking forward to starting the process of removing the frequencies and getting back to my life.
Mike, Centerville, Va.


For years we have done just about everything trying to figure out why my husband feels so bad. When the machine said it was mold it made sense to me. We did end up finding mold in our heating system and apparently there was a lot of it. That's all fixed now and we are looking forward to _____ feeling better. Thanks again!


This past week for the first time in forever, I have felt really, really good.  I am dropping some weight which is an extra bonus and I hope to start exercising soon. Just wanted to let you know and say thank you!
Mary P. Lexington, Va


You were great with my son! He is a difficult case but I appreciated how you worked with him. You are an angel.
Betty J, Raphine, Va


Hi! I got moved over to Armour Thyroid and am about a week in. I weaned on by splitting my pills and doing half in the morning and half around 3pm and am now taking a full dose in the a.m. I have been consistently noticing better energy, much better sleep patterns, some emotional/mood improvement.
Renee M, Staunton


Dear Catherine, I thought the meeting yesterday went so well!  You did an excellent job explaining the mystery of Asyra.  What I did not expect was the Hunger of these people!  They are desperate to know what is wrong, desperate for help.  Everyone is on treatment of some kind and it is not enough.  You were an angel of mercy to take your time and test each one who asked.  People walked away filled with a new hope.  They do not understand very much yet, but that will grow as they see you...... and I know some are going to become your clients.  The reaction to "no Lyme" was interesting.  Part fear.  "Do I dare believe I no longer have Lyme?  Now what do I do?  What about all the meds I am taking?  What do I say to my doctor?" Interesting!
Missy B, Charlottesville, Va


Hi Catherine,  I enjoyed working with you the other day.The ASYRA system is a little different from the other energy scanning systems I have encountered in that I believe the database behind it is more comprehensive.  It turned up 5 different Lyme issues for me, as well as a fairly serious sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.  I liked being able to watch the computer screen with you and to ask questions as we went along.  Also getting a written printout was very nice--I have not gotten that from any other energy practitioner.  And I really like that it tells you what foods to avoid and what supplements to consider.  No guesswork!  All in all a positive experience.  I will follow up with you after my first round of drops ends.  I already sense subtle changes in how my body feels after only a week.
Jennifer C. Charlottesville, Va


The Asyra identified physiological causes for the fatigue and discouragement I have long struggled with. I started feeling better days after I began the prescribed regimen of foods, fluids and supplements. Within two weeks, I felt like a new person. This stuff works.
Meg H, Richmond, Va


Hi Catherine,  The imprints are definitely affecting my body, but in a good way. I'm taking it slow though. Since I started the solutions, I have had a decrease in the severity and incidence of migraines, which is a big deal. I have had mornings where I have woken up with a migraine, and then by the time 20 minutes pass after the drops, the migraine is gone. I have also noticed a general openness and greater certainty in my belief of what is true. Greater clarity and less denial. It has helped several issues in my life. I hope to see you again someday, and I wouldn't be surprised if I make another asyra appointment at some point in the future.
Martha H, Richmond, Va


I was severely depressed, suffering from physical and psychological Lyme symptoms, a failing adrenal system, hypothyroidism and extreme fatigue. Catherine's work had me feeling 80% well within 2 1/2 months. More than anything physical I received, she gave me HOPE again! Now I am truly living Bartonella and Babesia free. I also know now that I don't have to spend 2 years getting to 60% well if any major illness were to strike. Thank you for helping me and my body remember what it used to be!
Lisa N, Staunton, Va


Finding that Lyme and mold issues are present and that I am eating all the wrong foods was a revelation. We are so lucky to have you in the area.
Patricia S. Lexington.


After this experience, I am persuaded that energy balancing will make an expanding impact in the world of healing.
Ron L. Charlottesville


I am happy to report that I continue to improve. My walking power is almost back to normal. I am deeply indebted to you for helping me feel so much better.
Bob L. Richmond, Va.


For the first time in over two years, my ankle doesn't hurt and the swelling is down. I am excited to see the healing that is coming to me.
Donna K. Richmond, Va


I have been living with a rapidly pounding heart for more than three years. I would lie down at night and it would pound so hard that it kept me from sleeping. Within one week after doing the Asyra, no more pounding! 


Hi Catherine, It's been two weeks since I have seen you and I have lost 14 pounds, cleaned my house from top to bottom for the first time in several years and feel like I used to feel. My husband says he's got his girl back. All I can say is thank you thank you!
Ellen S. Staunton, Va


"In 2011 following two documented tick bites, I became very ill with clinical symptoms of Lyme Disease. However, traditional tests for Lyme came back negative so I was not treated.  In 2013 I was introduced to Asyra. Not only did it identify that I have Lyme, it identified two co-infections. Asyra is an incredible diagnostic and treatment tool. I believe that Asyra is the future of medicine and will play a part in identifying and treating mystery illnesses. It will also be helpful for illness prevention. I highly recommend Asyra."


"I came to Catherine on several different occasions. One in particular was an extremely stressful time in my life.  Catherine's warm spirit made me feel comfortable and at ease.  She thoroughly explained the entire process to me and gave me detailed wellness plan, which I implemented right away. With-in days of taking the Imprint I started seeing improvements in my health.  I was amazed with what the Asyra revealed about myself and how accurate it was.  It just blew me away!!"


The Asyra has been an invaluable tool in my journey of healing. I have been using it for over a year and have witnessed a shift from “depression” to a song in my heart. That has been huge for me. It is a terrific (almost uncanny) diagnostic tool, so If I am wondering “what is going on”, it gives me solid information and a plan for healing. I can relax and know I got it covered! I also count on it to give me accurate feedback on which supplements my body needs at the moment...it has fed my own intuition as I sense what is working and what is not and the Asyra confirms.


Working with Catherine is such a pleasure…she has made my path to healing so clear and real, and the Asyra in her capable hands has been a true gift to me.



The Asyra is the best, smartest thing I have ever done for my health. I wish I had found it earlier – I could have saved a lot of time and money!


I have had migraines for more than 20 years. The first time I used the Asyra my headaches went away – how did it do that? I am still trying to figure that one out.


I have known for a while that this is the direction that medicine is going in. My first brush with it was when I used a rife machine that a friend owned and made the mistake of biting off more than I could chew by overdoing the first session. The result was a major, unmistakable detox reaction. When I tried the Asyra I was not surprised that the technology worked – but with how well it worked and how amazingly accurate it is. It nailed me and my issues 100%. I look forward to continuing the process of healing with it.


Amazing machine. It tells you things about yourself that only you (and it) could know. It worked for me.