It may be time for a parasite cleanse!?

OK, OK. I know. People don’t get parasites anymore, right? Aren’t parasite treatments something that only people from third world countries need?

Well, actually no.

We routinely have parasite frequencies (remember, we aren’t diagnosing but we are talking about energetic imbalances) come up when we are testing. Parasites are important because they cause dis-resonance in the body.

“How can that be?” you say. Well actually, how can that not be, is a better question since we are each dodging a veritable land mine of pathogens every day.

Do you go barefoot in your house? Does your dog walk though the house? Hello – where do you think your dog has been walking outside?

I’m not squeamish about it anymore.

In my career as an Organic Specialist, I spent lots of time on farms and talking to farm families Рlots of Amish and Mennonite folks, and I saw that doing  parasite cleanses were just a part of their routine.

If you or any of your family members (especially children) are irritable, itchy, achy, bloated or constantly catching colds, it may be time for a PC.

Bioenergetics is an effective approach to looking at the issue. Testing can be done remotely or in the office.


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