Whereas sadness and grief are a normal part of life, prolonged periods of major depression are something else entirely. When we come across that at OHS, we are compelled to ask “Why?” We always, always, ask “Why?”

We have many new clients come in who have been on antidepressants for years and are still not feeling well. And though we will never advise a client to ditch the medications (that is for the client and their doctor to discuss) we often suggest a dietary, nutritional overhaul to get any absorption issues or nutritional deficiencies corrected.

After all, if what goes in the body is sub par, then how can the mind and body operate optimally?

It pays to find out what is going on systemically.

First we run a baseline (see the post explaining Baselines) and then we start putting frequencies together to build up and balance the system.

It sometimes surprises even us, how fast a client can turn around. We had a client who had been on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications for years who could barely leave the house. She would go to work and have to leave early because she would just crash emotionally.

It was consuming her life.

Two weeks of doing frequencies and it all turned around. She had her first vacation in years. Her family waited and watched to see if she was going to have another “episode” but she didn’t. Everyone was amazed. Yes, frequencies do work.

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