We all yearn for the mellow Summer vibe to last a few months longer but the only things that seems to be getting longer is our to-do lists..

There’s more to do and less time to get it done…

It’s a little frenetic out there for sure –  how about slowing down?

Let’s not forget to notice and enjoy the small things… the beauty around us.
I left the office late the other evening, went to the local trail and put on my headset. All the while, I’m thinking, how many miles can I get in before it’s pitch dark? Better hurry!

I only got one earphone in my ear before I realized that the birds were singing in the thickets and it was so beautiful that I had to stop a minute.

It was almost dark, and their song had a certain end-of-the-day softness to it. Off came the headset and then a little necessary self talk

(Catherine Cash, slow down and listen).
Our bodies and minds were designed to function with a bit of ebb and flow.

Our ancestors walked in the woods, hunted, sat in their rocking chairs and stared off into the “still of the evening.

How much more quiet they had!

What if we incorporated a little more of that old school balance back into our lives.

The world is not going to come to an end if we don’t answer last email, go to every meeting or catch the latest episode of ___ (fill in the blank).
Here’s to building a little stillness into our schedules and making Summer last.

Wishing you an Endless Summer Vibe.

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