Winning? ….. A Choice

The statistics are showing that the vast majority of Corona Virus hospitalizations and deaths happen to immune compromised people, thus the nursing home connection. After all, many of those folks are on multiple medications and have weakened immune systems largely because of that (not to mention all of the Ensure, processed food etc they are getting). The takeaway from all of this is that the immune system is key.  No doubt, a strong immune system will keep you healthy.  What is the fastest, easiest way to achieve that? It’s simple – frequency imprinting. Right, you heard me – frequencies. The principle of Quantum Physics at work. There is a wonderful movie about this called “Heal.” As far as explanations of energy medicine goes, the proof is out there if you want to do some reading.

Just Say “No” to Fear and “Yes” to a Strong Immune System

I don’t know about you, but I refuse to go through life jerking my turtleneck up over my face when I unexpectedly encounter someone on our local hiking trail. This happened recently and the poor lady, who was 15 feet away from me trying to cover her face, almost crashed into a tree. That’s how little control she felt she had over things. Not good. My goal is to have any virus that comes within 10 feet of me to cry “uncle!” and flee in terror (more on the power of visualization another day). This is because a strong immune system will keep me healthy. I want a firewall of immunity. I want my immune system to be THAT impervious. That’s why you should consider custom frequency work or our frequency product, “Protect Plus,” which has the CV (Wuhan) frequency added to it. It is a little different because it is only available through the office – just ask

There is an Easy, Easy, Fix For a Strong Immune System

  • Step #1: find out what your root cause problems are. When we run tests, we check everything that is a root cause issue. Are you suspicious that you might have a food allergy, auto immune issue, tooth dis-resonance, chromosome weakness or hormone imbalance? Do you realize that if those root cause issues are neutralized, your immune system will be freed up to do more important work?
  • Step #2: don’t waste money on supplements you don’t need. Find out what you need to take and for how long. It is not necessarily good to take things you don’t need – it can be hard on the liver.
  • Step #3: check everything else that is nutritional and important. Essential fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, enzymes. These are foundational building blocks for your health.
  • Step #4: if there is depression or fatigue or sadness or insomnia – find out why by checking neurotransmitters, hormones, miasms and more: Doing these things will help mood, memory issues, digestive issues and fatigue and will help resolve depression and anxiety.

All of these things are checked in our office using cutting edge bioenergetic technology.

You can check this excellent article from Fitness Volt which breaks things out further with regard to hydration and food choices  .

Custom Frequencies Delivered to Your Door

We were already doing quite a bit of remote testing before the virus came about. Now, remote testing has been ramped up. Most days will find us running frequencies in between in-office clients, at night and on the weekends. With people staying at home more right now, it is very handy to be able to do this. We talk about how this works here. “Remotes” are done at two levels (1 & 2), either singly or as a subscription. We are doing a fair number of pet remotes as well (much cheaper and with fewer side effects than a vet visit).
Take care of yourself, focus on building a strong immune system and hang in there. Have faith. This too will pass. With blessings,

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