What’s Interesting About Bioenergetics

In the field of bioenergetics we get introduced to new health “fixes” before most other people do. It has been an amazing blessing to be a part of it all – what a privilege.  People are very curious about what we see that is working. One of the reasons is that there is so much out there health-wise that is obviously not working. As a result, we are always getting asked about what I (or we) use personally. It is not all flame-throwingly exciting. I do a lot of things that other people do (a methylated B complex, high doses of vitamin C, vitamin D3). But this time I am listing a few things that I use and that some of my clients now use.  I consider these things kind of insider secret weapons. To me they are game changers.

Some Neat Things That We Use

  • Human growth hormone boosting amino acids – I use the proprietary physical version of these (includes GABA, club moss etc) but also the imprinted/energetic version (Young) which really hits the emotions as well. They really work.
  • Inflammation/Viral/Bacterial frequencies (for preventing and fighting the aforementioned). This is a custom imprint and is now automatically included in our Comprehensive testing.
  • Tissue Salts  (the full collection). We sell these in the liquid form that you take a couple of times a day. They can also be put in custom imprints.
  • Homeopathic Constitutionals – depending on which ones are indicated, these can be powerful emotional and physical tools for health. This is absolutely a custom imprint,
  • Energetic Sarcodes (blueprints to correct DNA) – these can cover repairs to anything from tendons, to cartilage, to ligaments and much much more.
  • A multiple omega fatty acid. It is a mix of omega 3 and plant based 6 essential fatty acids (flax, borage, fish and vitamin e).

Don’t Give Up Improving Your Game

There is so much out there that is good – so many resources. Don’t settle for a generic multivitamin, a reflux medication and an Advil to get through the day. Or anti-depressants, or sleeping pills or antianxiety meds. Keep looking – the answers are out there.

Blessings to you,

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