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  • How does an in-office appointment work ? At an in-office appointment we sit down with you and discuss your health history, experiences and goals. We then run what we call a “baseline” to see which organs are stressed energetically and then test to see what the causal energetic imbalances are. We also check to see energetically what your deficiencies are. Many other tests, too numerous to mention here, are included. Once we have all of the frequencies arranged the way we want them, they are imprinted into a set of drops that will be taken two times a day for a prescribed amount of time. They work vibrationally. Over time, imbalances will shift and resolve. If you want to read about other peoples’ experiences, click here.
  • Schedule an appointment in our Fairfield office. Email or call us: info@organichealthsystems,.com / 540 460-2641. Appointments are $229.00 (or $219.00 using the subscription plan) and include custom imprints. Longer appointments can be scheduled as well. An 8-visit family package is also available.
  • Reserve the appointment (a credit card is required), agree to our reservation/cancellation policy – then your appointment is confirmed.
  • Fill out and sign the intake form that we send to you.
  • Location: 5604 North Lee Highway (P.O. Box 207), Fairfield, Virginia 24435 Hours: Appointments are taken between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday – Friday.

In-office visits are $229.

No guesswork, no chemicals, no meds, no random one-size-fits-all fixes!

100% formulated with your unique, specific frequencies.
You are about to embark on the smartest healthcare adventure you’ve ever experienced.

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