frequencies that increase energy, combat fatigue, inspire creativity and promote optimism.




Coffee or sugar can both give you energy but they’ll both drop you like a hot potato when the going gets tough. What you want is something that won’t leave you high and dry (and pooped out). Even better would be something that enables you to cruise through to the end of the work day with all pistons firing. Our Energy frequencies do just that.

Energy is bioenergetically & electromagnetically attuned and imprinted to specific frequencies of: energy boosting turquoise, balancing sweet inner chi, clarifying lemongrass and melissa – 6x potency *certified organic

Why we chose these frequencies:

  • turquoise is energizing, protective and healing
  • sweet inner chi supports the processing of energy, combats fatigue and helps when the system is drained due to a lack of balance. It is effective in combating cravings (sugar, coffee, chocolate, nicotine) and helpful in balancing mood swings. It is also an effective detoxifier
  • lemongrass inspires, dispels negative energy, reduces mental fatigue and promotes clarity, optimism and vitality
  • melissa is joyful, calming and uplifting. It alleviates depression and anxiety and balances emotions by helping to remove emotional blocks and instill a positive outlook on life

* Helpful tip: you can mix frequencies if you want to further customize them. Energy works especially well mixed with Young or Lose It. Follow the dose directions on each bottle and and take them all under the tongue. They can also be mixed together in water (just water, not juice or sodas etc) and sipped throughout the day.

Energizing turquoise, sweet inner chi for harmony, lemongrass and melissa for inspiration and positivity.

Bioenergetically & electromagnetically attuned and imprinted to specific frequencies of: energizing turquoise, balancing sweet inner chi, inspiring lemongrass and joyful melissa – 6x potency

Ingredients: structured water containing Biotite, *Grape Seed Spirits (8% alcohol by volume). *certified organic

***No side effects, no chemicals, no pesticides. no herbicides, no toxins, no preservatives, no fillers, no dyes, gluten free, dairy free – just energy.

Taken 2 x day under the tongue – success 10 times (hit on the palm of the hand) before taking.

“My energy levels have improved immensely. My daughters are having trouble keeping up with me!”


*Frequencies are neither medicines nor treatments. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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