frequencies that improve focus and accelerate learning, memory and recall. 




Everyone can use a little help in the recall department from time to time. Often we blame it on age but sometimes we just need to oxygenate the system and ground our energies. If you feel like life is swirling around you and you can’t put two sentences together sometimes, this one’s for you.

Memory is bioenergetically & electromagnetically attuned and imprinted to specific frequencies of: brain boosting aquamarine, stress protective white peony and a blend of clarity of mind signatures – 6x potency

Why we chose these frequencies:

  • aquamarine accelerates learning, memory and recall as well as stabilizes the emotions
  • white peony enhances memory and is protective
  • clarity of mind is a blend of frequencies that oxygenates the brain, improves mental clarity, increases alertness and encourages a healthy response to stress

* Helpful tip: you can mix frequencies if you want to further customize them. Memory works especially well mixed with Energy or Young. Follow the dose directions on each bottle and and take them all under the tongue. They can also be mixed together in water (just water, not juice or sodas etc) and sipped throughout the day.

Brain boosting aquamarine, focusing white peony and clarity of mind frequencies.

Bioenergetically & electromagnetically attuned and imprinted to specific frequencies of: aquamarine, white peony and a blend of clarity of mind signatures – 6x potency

Ingredients: structured water containing Biotite, *Grape Seed Spirits (8% alcohol by volume). *certified organic

***No side effects, no chemicals, no pesticides. no herbicides, no toxins, no preservatives, no fillers, no dyes, gluten free, dairy free – just energy

Taken 2 x day under the tongue – success 10 times (hit on the palm of the hand) before taking

“I noticed my brain seems to have come back. I feel calmer and more focused. My wife is commenting on how much better I am doing.


*Frequencies are neither medicines nor treatments. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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