Perfect Aminos (300 tablets)


The perfect protein for the human body. Nothing else comes close.

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PerfectAmino is pure essential amino acids in a form and ratio that is both 99% utilized by the body to build new protein and collagen, and completely absorbed into the bloodstream within an average of 23 minutes - by anyone, no matter the state of their digestive system.

Why do I emphasize 99%? Because no other protein is. And it's this 99% utilization which gives it only 2 calories for the protein equivalent of 30 grams of whey.

Most powders are less than 20% utilized for building new protein. And that's the key. Because what isn't utilized for protein building... is converted to sugar or fat. And that is where the actual calories come from - the 80%. 80% is a lot.

That's why you have to bulk and cut or go on stringent diets - because you think you're getting straight protein when actually getting mostly sugar, which triggers fat storage.

You wouldn't have to do this dieting juggling act if it was all utilized for protein.

Because without these low-quality protein powders you wouldn't get that excess layer of fat - just muscle.

And that's where PerfectAmino comes in. PerfectAmino is pure essential amino acids in the exact ratio needed by the human body to make new protein and collagen without waste or calories. It won't even break a fast. It's literally the perfect protein for the human body. Nothing else comes close.

PerfectAmino is 100% Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Sugar-Free.

If taken 20-30 minutes before a workout, it is fully absorbed into the bloodstream by the time you start and able to help repair micro-tears in the muscle as they occur. This dramatically improves endurance and recovery time.

Because it's 99% utilized, it can be used to prevent muscle loss during Intermittent fasting and even cause a gain in lean muscle.

If you're looking to looking to get stronger and leaner, perform better and recover faster... If you want an actually clean protein source without the toxins and without the calories... And if you want to avoid blood sugar spikes, bloating, and fatigue tied to badly digested proteins...then these are the aminos to use.


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