frequencies for powerful 24/7 immune system protection that strengthens, stabilizes and balances energy



We all know that a strong immune system helps protect us from hitchhiking zombie infiltrators (viruses, bacteria etc) looking to catch a ride with us. Most of us also know that sometimes we need protection from negative energy (can anyone spell “energy vampire?”). This combination of frequencies is nice because it protects, dispels negativity and is grounding at the same time. Any of these single frequencies on their own are powerful, but together they are mighty.

Protect is bioenergetically & electromagnetically attuned and imprinted to specific frequencies of: protecting frankincense, clear quartz, grounding onyx and reishi signatures – 6x potency

Why we chose these frequencies:

  • frankincense activates the body to let go of lower energy and cleanse negativity while reminding one that they are loved and protected
  • clear quartz dispels radiation and radioactive energies, helps stimulate all four brain waves (alpha, beta, delta and theta), gives emotional stability and detoxifies the body
  • onyx aligns yin and yang energies, dispels grief, centers and grounds the system and protects from negative energy
  • reishi mushrooms support the proliferation and activation of the body’s own immune cells

*Helpful tip: you can mix frequencies if you want to further customize them. Protect works especially well mixed with Calm or Memory. Follow the dose directions on each bottle and take them all under the tongue. They can also be mixed together in water (just water, not juice or sodas etc) and sipped throughout the day.

Protecting Frankincense, clear quartz, grounding onyx and reishi frequencies.

Bioenergetically & electromagnetically attuned and imprinted to specific frequencies of: frankincense, clear quartz, onyx and reishi signatures – 6x potency

Ingredients: structured water containing Biotite, *Grape Seed Spirits (8% alcohol by volume). *certified organic

***No side effects, no chemicals, no pesticides. no herbicides, no toxins, no preservatives, no fillers, no dyes, gluten free, dairy free – just energy.

Taken 2 x day under the tongue – success 10 times (hit on the palm of the hand) before taking.

“I didn’t get sick last year except for one day of a sore throat – this is a first for me!

*Frequencies are neither medicines nor treatments. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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