Total Shield (includes 5G antenna (includes 5G antenna which normally retails for an additional $100.00))


An essential asset to protect homes, offices and families from electromagnetic pollution.

Certain tools have been developed to protect our magnetic field, thus helping neutralize harmful electromagnetic fields of radiation. The sluggishness, fatigue, immune issues, nausea, insomnia, dizziness, irritability, eye strain, rashes and other health problems associated with continuous exposure to high electromagnetic fields (above 30 Hz) can be counteracted with a device designed to blanket an area of about 20,000 square feet. This unit was designed to protect a home or office environment against harmful grid lines, geomagnetic disturbances, artificially generated electromagnetic standing waves, extremely low frequencies (ELF frequencies) and other harmful waves.

The Total Shield is composed of two separate electronic generators. One generator is a detector device that identifies the frequencies of geomagnetic disturbances and grid lines from the environment and broadcasts them back out through a Tesla coil, which cancels out the disturbance. The other generator is a 7.83 frequency generator, which duplicates the Schumann resonance (the resonant frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field).

Normally, one of these units is sufficient to protect a large home or office area. However, where electromagnetic pollution is severe, such as areas near high‐voltage power lines, transmitting towers for TV or radio towers, more than one unit might be necessary to overcome the severity of the pollution. According to some electrical engineers, the Total Shield unit will also strip radiation pollution from your body. The Total Shield is an essential asset to protect homes, offices and families from electromagnetic pollution. The 4 coil Total Shield comes with a 5G coil attached (usually sold separately).

You can use the Total Shield in one of three ways: EMF protection only, geopathic stress only or a combination of both. Operates on AC adapter (included).  All units measure 9" high x 4.5" in diameter.

Power Requirements: 9-15 Volts and includes an AC Wall Adapter
Weight: 1.5 Pounds
Dimensions: 9.5" x 4.5"
5G antenna comes attached to this unit (this is an upgrade)

Best Place in a Central Location: in an upstairs room or on a high shelf.

How to Set the Device: most people will want to use the setting that switches from geopathic stress to EMF's and back again. If you are near a high tensile line, power sub station, apartment complex (with presumably a lot of routers) or are in another high emf area, you may want to set it on EMF only.

Maximum Field Input:
200 millivolts/square meter

Minimum Field Input: Measurable to 1XE-12 volts per square meter

Effective Coverage Area: 40,000 square feet

Magnetic Opposition: Equivalent to a value of 1 h(oersted) in an area of
20,000 square feet (grid line nulling)

Note from us at OHS: all of us at OHS own several Total Shields. Personally, we have one at the office, at our residence and at our farm. Other folks have multiple TS for different locations. We also all take them with us when we go out of town. 

Total Shield Product Information Manual


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