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anti-aging frequencies of stem cells, human growth hormone, youth chi and joy



Coming up with this frequency combination was exciting because it is so groundbreaking. That’s because Young contains everything that is important frequency-wise to help regenerate the body – skin, muscles, tissues and cells. It works on the mind as well. If you feel young on the inside, it will show on the outside. As far as we know there is nothing like this out in the market place.

Young is bioenergetically & electromagnetically attuned and imprinted to specific frequencies of: anti – aging and activating stem cells and specific hgh related amino acids along with youth chi for youth energy and the frequency of joy – 6x potency

Why we chose these frequencies:

  • stem cell frequencies were chosen because of their vibrational ability to activate the body, skin and immune system to repair and heal
  • amino acids (especially the specific ones we use here) are used by the body to increase human growth hormone that helps keep us fit, energized and youthful. HGH also builds muscle, improves sleep and energy and systematically renews and regenerates cells
  • youth chi builds positive and youthful vibrational energy
  • joy is a mix of frequencies that heals the adrenal (stress) glands, dispels old grief and increases happiness

* Helpful tip: you can mix frequencies if you want to further customize them. Young works especially well with Energy or Lose it. Follow the dose directions on each bottle and take them all under the tongue. They can also be mixed together in water (just water, not juice or sodas etc) and sipped throughout the day.

Anti-aging and activating stem cell and amino acid frequencies along with youth chi and joy.

Bioenergetically & electromagnetically attuned and imprinted to specific frequencies of: anti-aging stem cells, amino acids, youth chi and joy signatures – 6x potency

Ingredients: structured water containing Biotite, *Grape Seed Spirits (8% alcohol by volume). *certified organic

***No side effects, no chemicals, no pesticides. no herbicides, no toxins, no preservatives, no fillers, no dyes, gluten free, dairy free – just energy

Taken 2 x day under the tongue – success 10 times (hit on the palm of the hand) before taking

“People are asking what I am doing – I look so different! Also, I can take an exercise class and I am blowing away people a lot younger than me  – I feel like I did years ago.


*Frequencies are neither medicines nor treatments. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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  1. Nancy Y. Harvey

    I am so thrilled with this amazing new product! I am a woman who greatly appreciates looking youthful and this product certainly delivers!!

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