Q & A about Energetic Balancing & Energy Healing

Q: Are you able to diagnose me or treat me for my medical issues?
A: We are not physicians so we do not diagnose or treat in the traditional sense. We identify and address energetic dis-resonances or imbalances – your body actually does the healing itself.

Q: Do you need a list of my medical reports and history?
A: We do not need or use medical records. If you opt to do a Level 2 Remote you can include a few notes about your situation in the Optional Note/Message section of the Agreement Form that you will fill out at the beginning of the process (the Level 1 Remote does not include this note option). If you decide to sign up for a Level 2 subscription, you can include a few symptoms in an email every 6 weeks and we will address those issues when we are testing.

Q: Can I get feedback about what you find while testing and talk to you about it?
A: We give first-time clients a call when we are running their tests and we try to contact client’s every so often about their test results. This just helps us stay connected and the lines of communication open. But generally the things that are priorities are covered in the summary that you receive each time we run your tests. Our experience has been that trusting the process, listening to your body and noticing the sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic, changes that occur is the best proof that this process works!

Q: How do I know whether I need to do a Level 1 Remote or a Level 2 Remote?
A: The Level 1 Remote is good for those who want their most important causal issues balanced. A Level 2 Remote is good for those who are interesting in receiving testing feedback (nutritional, herbal, emotional etc) and have a wider range of issues that they want to address. Both types of Remotes bring about big changes.

Q: You sent me a list of supplements that I need to take on the summary for my Level 2 Remote. Am I supposed to order those? How long do I take them?
A: Yes, one of the great things about the Level 2 remote is that it includes what we in the office call “an MB1 test”, which identifies herbs, homeopathics, detox products, vitamins, minerals (etc) are needed. Depending on the dilution we see, we will know which ones you need to take physically. We will imprint the frequencies of all of those into your drops but usually a few items would be good to take physically. Most of the time you will only take a product for a month or two. A good example would be if a product for the colon came up in a high dilution. That would be the system’s way of saying “OK, we need to get this person’s “channels” open so they can detox.” We usually have those items sent to you by different suppliers, most of which work with practitioners. They are often proprietary specialized products that would be hard for someone to find on the market, but sometimes, if it is something common, like nettle or colloidal silver, you can get it yourself if you want to. Note: we don’t generally send out supplements or customized frequencies unless we have done a remote to evaluate what is needed.

Q: How many times do I need to fill the agreement form out?
A: You only need to fill out the agreement one time.

Q: Can you explain what Biotite is? It is listed as an ingredient in your imprints. 
A: Biotite is a type of natural mineral that helps hold frequency signatures.

Q: Will I detox when I take the imprints?
A: Detoxing will take place though usually it is fairly mild. Each person is unique, has their own unique combination of imbalances, and has a different family history. The longer you do imprinting, the better and easier the detox part of the process will be. Drinking ample water (1-2 liters a day) and doing some light exercise like walking is beneficial.

Q: How long should I be on the imprints?
A: Imprints should be used consistently 2 times a day (am and pm) for 6 weeks. If you forget a dose or two, don’t worry – imbalances will still clear.

Q: Are there any instructions for the imprints?
A: Yes, they are to be taken twice a day, am and pm, for 6 weeks. It doesn’t really matter what time you take them, but you should take them 20 minutes away from food, coffee, toothpaste, strong smells (like peppermint). You should store them away from electromagnetic devices like computers, phones, microwave ovens etc. Keep them out of bright light. They don’t need to be refrigerated. Let’s see….what else. You  should succuss them (hit them sharply) on the palm of your hand 10 times or more each time you take them. This activates them. You will want to make sure when you start a new round of imprints that you stay hydrated (a good goal is 2 liters of water a day),

Q: Do some people just do this indefinitely? How will I know how long I need to do this?
A: Yes, some people opt to do this every 6 weeks or so just because they understand how preventative it is. Clearing energy regularly is always a good thing. You can also opt to do this less frequently but we have found that when clients stop the process they really miss the “movement” that was taking place. Most remark on how much better the felt when their frequencies were being balanced. You will find that you don’t get sick nearly as often (if at all). It really is worth doing.

Q: When I am taking my imprint drops and my next batch of imprints arrives in the mail, do I start the new imprints then? 
 A: Yes, you would just throw the old imprints away and start the new ones immediately. Do not save old imprints thinking you have to use all of the frequencies. Each new set of imprints addresses the causal issues at the time the tests were done. 

Q; How will I know if the imprinting is working?
A: The imprinting always works – it’s not a question of “if” in our experience (if you follow our basic instructions). A good trick is to write down your symptoms (in detail) and check all of them 2 – 6 weeks after imprinting. Usually you will see things have changed. Some people are very sensitive and will notice a major difference. Some people are less sensitive. Oftentimes wives and moms will notice changes in their husbands and children before anyone else does. Our personal experience has been that we just felt like we “woke up” when we started imprinting and felt happier and more alive. Other people may remark about how different you seem. It’s kind of funny.

Q: Do I have to believe in this kind of work to benefit from doing it?
A: Not necessarily. Believing in an approach is helpful, but we have worked on children and animals (and adults who were skeptical) and have obtained equally amazing results.

Q: If I have a pacemaker or implant is this safe? What about for clients who are pregnant?
A: Because this is remote testing, we are not doing anything energetically that would affect these states.

Q: How does this differ from programs who do continual (mass) group imprinting?
A: Our approach is more individualized and precise. We give you, the individual, the frequencies that only you need. These are most likely different from everyone else’s. We update with new frequencies on an ongoing basis because the world (and its viruses, bacteria, prions, emotional issues etc) are constantly evolving. The frequencies you will receive, regardless of whether you choose a Level 1 or 2 Remote, will cover emotional, nutritional, environmental and hereditary imbalances (to name only a few).

Q: Can you explain more about why your approach is better?
A: Yes. If for example you experienced trauma as a child and it was passed down generationally from your father’s side, we can identify that and balance it. It would not be the same as someone else’s trauma. Another example would be an injury. If you had a car accident and injured your neck or head, and it resulted in a cranial suture alignment issue (a non vertebral misalignment), that needs to be addressed with precise, accurate frequencies, not something generic. If I gave you generic frequencies that everyone else is getting it wouldn’t have the same impact.

Q: Do I have to do anything else for my health?
A: Yes, we always recommend a healthy, balanced diet that includes organic vegetables, fruits, and organic/grass-fed meats (if you are a meat eater). It is also helpful to take a good multivitamin and mineral supplement and make sure your vitamin D levels (among other things) are optimal. Protecting yourself from electromagnetic stress is also important. So no, you don’t have to do anything, just as most kids and pets don’t “do” anything.

Q: How will I know when everything has been healed and I am done?
A: We have found that there is always more to do – even just in terms removing frequencies of toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. “Done” is something each person has to decide for themselves, in terms of how they feel and what their goals are. Some people are happy to just no longer feel pain in their back or feet. Others just want to be able to exercise more intensely and at a higher level while some are looking to improve and heal mental and emotional issues. Hereditary imbalances (miasms) can take a little longer to move – it is always an individual thing. Most clients decide that imprinting is a kind of health insurance and have noted that they save money in the long run because they aren’t wasting money on supplements they don’t need or random fixes that usually don’t work well anyway. We think less is actually sometimes much more.

Q: Can this be used on children or pets?
A: Yes, children usually respond quickly to imprinting. Pets do as well. And we have to admit it is interesting to watch how animals change and behave after taking frequencies (we do our own here at OHS and it has saved the day more than a few times when a health issue arises!). We have an elderly donkey and a rescue horse that used spend most of their day picking on each other. But after imprinting, they are best friends. Yes, animals do have feelings 🙂 Try to explain that to your neighbors (we didn’t).

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions?
A: You can email or call us at the OHS office. Also, be sure to read the information in our website thoroughly – we have tried to cover everything!

Q: Is OHS imprinting tax deductible?
A: No, as it is not healthcare (in the traditional sense), nor medicine, and does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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