Everyday at the OHS office we are convicted about how powerful words are as a healing tool.

In scripture, speaking words of life (versus words that speak death) is mentioned again and again (Proverbs 18.21, Ephesians 4:29 are just two of them).

The bio-energetic system that we use at OHS corroborates that fact, since it identifies words that would benefit or “balance” each individual client, that is…assuming we run the emotional scans on them.

Once you understand that words have energy, and that their energy affects you, you find yourself taking a lot more time to process thoughts before you voice them.

I sometimes ask clients to really think about how they refer to themselves (what habit have you picked up when speaking about yourself?). It applies to whatever labels you may have been handed related to health issues as well.

Just a sobering, but in a way, liberating thing to think about as we head into fall.

Dare to “speak life” over yourself and others, and note the difference it makes health-wise.

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