The process of energy healing and bioenergetic analysis often identifies an imbalance that needs to be tweaked a little bit, but not necessarily deleted.  I remember when my grandfather was teaching me how to drive. He was getting exasperated with my antsy-ness to get in the car and go, go, go! – because he commented on how impatient I was and how I needed to learn to slow it all down. Well, I’ve never forgotten that (and bless his heart for trying) and yes, I was a little out of balance then. I am now a patient person but I still have to rein myself in when I am attacking a goal. It has to do with having a picture in your head of what you want, and visualizing it to the point of being able to actually see it and feel it (that is a really important concept to keep in mind when you want to be healthy). I try to spin it (in my mind) that impatience can be a tool if harnessed in a healthy way. So I try to look on the bright side of impatience. Sometimes impatient people are also people who are extremely goal oriented and focused on problem solving. Seriously, it is all about the big picture, right? My tendency to be impatient, at least when it comes to achieving goals, is part of why I do what I do – use frequencies for healing. So back to why I love using frequencies…

  1. Because it’s fast and I hate wasting time. I know that frequencies work and I only want to spend my time on things that work. I don’t have time to muck around with “try this” and “try that” and “we don’t know what kind of illness you have but we’re just going to roll the dice and call it “____________”  (and scare you half to death) and here’s a big ole prescription for some expensive, nasty stuff with all kinds of side effects but don’t worry, we’ve got loads of other toxic stuff to try if it doesn’t work and besides, what else ya gonna do?” Phooey on that.
  2. Because I learned the hard way and it wasn’t fun. My experience with health issues 15 years ago taught me that given the right tools, the body is innately designed to self-heal. I did it their way (bad, bad idea) and I did it my way (thank you Jesus). My way (frequencies) is what healed me. It is how I am seeing my clients heal too. And we haven’t even touched on hereditary weaknesses that run in families. But more on that later.
  3. Because I would rather use frequencies of things like viruses, bacteria, fungi etc, to direct my body to fight a pathogen than to use a drug that causes side effects. Why use a hand grenade to kill a flea when you can go in sniper-style and pick him off without doing collateral damage?
  4. Because the results are more than anecdotal.The research on the efficacy of applied frequencies and energy healing is overwhelmingly convincing. Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby‘s book, “Virtual Medicine,” is a great place to dig into the different types of energy work that have been done. Or Bruce Lipton‘s book, “The Biology of Belief” – eye opener. There is a lot of good information out there if you look for it. You may have to wade through the alarmist oh-my-gosh-it-doesn’t-have-pharmaceutical-backing-so-it-must-be-a-sham nonsense to find it. For some real time feedback, you can also check out what some of our clients say.

So yes, I love frequencies. They just, quite simply, work.

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Catherine Cash MSAP is the owner of Organic Health Systems, a bioenergetic healing office specializing in frequency healing work. She has been called a “healer” (but she graciously declines that label) and a “frequency artist.” One client said “She’s got a little bit of a street fighter in her – but with a heart of gold. She is inspiring – you just feel it. You want her on your side.” She’ll just say that she is blessed to be of service.

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